Aerial Yoga for Beginners

Learn the basic skills to enjoy Aerial Yoga. You can expect a moderately hard warm-up, detailed instructions to basic poses and a sampling of intermediate poses to help you set your goals. You may stay in Beginner Aerial Yoga for as little or as long as you wish before moving on to our Aerial Yoga class. This is an amazing class that will leave you hungry for more Aerial Fun. Come learn to fly with us and continue to soar at River Bend Yoga.

Aerial yoga uses a hammock or ‘silk’ as a tool to help you achieve various yoga positions. The hammock helps with alignment, deepens awareness and provides the immediate benefit of spinal decompression. With the weight of the body partially or fully supported along with the help of gravity, you can explore and create space in your body as intended in traditional Yoga practice.

Through Aerial Yoga the fascia unwinds, the mind quiets, core-strength is built, and it’s just fun hanging around and ‘flying’ in the air!!

Aerial Classes are $15.