Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a powerfully gentle, deeply relaxing practice. It uses passive stretches with props to be held for a longer time, allowing the muscles to relax. In this class, Louise will teach the art of deep relaxation through breath work, restorative yoga poses, and props to ensure optimal comfort. It is accessible to all experience levels with simple instruction and easy guided breathwork. This is a great yoga class for those with limited mobility and complimentary for more active lifestyles. A regular restorative yoga practice should be considered critical self-care. Restorative yoga has exceptional benefits, such as decreased blood pressure, anxiety, stress, risk of heart attack, and stroke. Additionally, the deep relaxation experienced in this type of yoga is also known to reduce inflammation due to autoimmune diseases, serum triglycerides, increase “good” cholesterol levels and improve digestion, elimination, and fertility.